Imam Fuad Mohamed

Imam / Executive Director

Imam Fuad was born in Ethiopia and grew up in Seattle,WA. While he was a teen he began studying hadith sciences with the imam of his local masjid in Seattle Washington. After graduating high school, he moved to Cairo Egypt to continue pursing Islamic education.  He has been given Ijazat in many different works of hadith. He was the former Imam of Tawhid Islamic Center. He is currently the Imam and Executive Director of the Muslim American Society of White Center.

Qari Hassan Wado

Director of Education

Qari Hassan has memorized the entire Quran with Ijaazah in the recitation styles of Hafs and Shu’bah from ‘Aasim. He continues learning the different styles of recitation with the goal of attaining ijazah in all 10 qira’at. He has also achieved first place in an interstate Quran competition. He is an experienced Imam and Quran teacher. For much of the past decade he has worked with various Masajid and Islamic schools teaching Quranic studies. He is well known in the community for his ability to recite the Quran. He has been leading the night prayers all over the United States during the months of ramadan. He is currently the director of Quranic Studies at Masjid Al Furqan in West Seattle. He is also a Quran and Islamic studies teacher at Abubakr Academy.

AbuBakr Dhubow

Youth Director

AbuBakr is a poet and youth advocate residing in the Seattle area. He has been writing and performing poetry for almost an entire decade. He has performed alongside some prominent names such as Muslim Belal, Boonaa Mohammed, Essam Mohamed, and Kamal Saleh. With most of his poetry geared towards the trials and tribulations of Muslims in the west, he has inspired many young Muslim poets in his community to use this outlet of expression. He is the current youth director of MAS White Center and plans to increase his work in youth advocacy.



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